Red Splendor

Red Splendor was the original name under which our Executive Chef Dan Ramos and his partner Jason Brown started selling product. Their sales were primarily through local green markets. After joining with their new partners to form The Butcher & The Bar, things shifted a bit. Red Splendor still exists, but it is now a brand of The Butcher & The Bar (think Hellman’s as a brand of Kraft or Cadillac as a brand of General Motors). Red Splendor will represent the “cleanest” product we provide to our customers. If it has the Red Splendor name on it, it fully meets all our criteria of being USDA Certified Organic, locally sourced, and humanely raised, and sustainable. Rest assured, our other products also meet the same general criteria but may not fully meet all the criteria (e.g., may not be locally sourced).