The Butcher Shop focuses on providing regionally sourced and clean cuts of meats and poultry such as beef, chicken, pork, and lamb. In addition, we will feature many varieties of sausages, bone broths, side dishes, and ready-to-cook products.

Our Executive Chef makes it his mission to source products close to where we live, whether they be meats or produce. We define regional as pretty much anywhere within Florida, but primarily south and central Florida.

Each day, The Butcher shop features a limited menu of custom crafted sandwiches available for dine-in or take-out. While there are some standard menu items, the menu change daily. Customers can also enjoy these sandwiches during our full service lunch from 9am – 4pm featuring even more items prepared right in our butcher shop! In the evenings, The Butcher & The Bar offers Butcher Bites & Bar Snacks; small plates that showcases product from our Butcher’s Kitchen.

We do not use commercial, commodity, food products that are processed and loaded with salt and chemical preservatives.